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P3 Commitment

Provide students with a rite of passage that gives them choices and opportunities to pledge their commitment to production, prosperity and promotional growth.

Innate Power

Teach students how to use their voice, choice and dominion in the learning process.

Personal Assets

Teach students about the power that comes from knowledge, memory and storage retrieval of core academic areas, higher order thinking skills, and advanced interpersonal skills.

Global Efficacy Innate Power

Teach students about the socialization process: how they are socialized and how they socialize others.

Individual Responsibility

Teach students about their social roles and the level of power that comes by way of fulfilling those roles.

Sense of Self

Teach about the power that is generated from personal self-awareness and personal self control.

Shared Accountability

Provide students with an opportunity to engage in individual and collective accountability measures that are multidimensional, fluid and shared between different levels of authority.