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Until we empower adults in and out of schools, we simply will not be able to empower the youth for which these adults are responsible.

What is PBS Development, LLC?

PBS stands for Personal, Businesses, and Schools.  In short, PBS Development, LLC is a consulting firm that provides an array of services to individuals and organizations whose mission promotes human empowerment and strengthens the human condition.

Through a unique design of independent consultants, organizational/operational systems, presentations, workshops, and college-level courses, PBS Development helps those who are helping others.


1992: The Start of the Empowerment Framework

Social Being and Change (SBC) programming made its first appearance in a 6th grade social studies classroom as a community improvement project. Not identified then as SBC, the making of student empowerment was present when students learned how to identify problems in their local community, contact their common council representative, and advocate for solutions.

1992 to 2002: The Start of SBC Programming

Signature projects were developed and implemented in public and private secondary schools with the most significant and recurring ones being the Citizenship Ethnography Project and the Social Scientists in Action.

With the citizenship ethnography project, students learned how to conduct qualitative research projects by studying the family as an agent of socialization (for effective citizenship). Tenth grade students spent two weeks with a selected family and produced a 10-15 page paper discussing methodology, theories, findings and recommendations. They in turn presented (and defended) their experiences to a panel of community representatives. In this presentation, they discussed the life changing impact of their studies and their personal development to becoming an effective citizen.

Social Scientists in Action was more of a course than it was a project. In two periods, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, 10th grade students studied theoretical concepts of sociology and then served as a field researcher to observe and analyze such concepts in the community. Students were evaluated based on specific standards of the course by a three person team:  themselves, their field supervisor, and their placement coordinator. They ended the semester with a mini presentation where they discussed their own socialization and identified ways to increase their ability to produce, prosper, and promote growth.

2001-2003: The Formation of the SBC Middle/High School Model

Signature projects were studied at the graduate level and turned into a high school program where performance based/project based learning, direct instruction, service learning, and a student orientation, assessment, and accountability process were combined.  In 2003, this process was formally named Social Being and Change (SBC) Programming.

2004: The Start of the PSGL-the First SBC-Empowerment School

SBC Programming made its first appearance as a school-wide model. Preparatory School for Global Leadership (PSGL) was launched as a public charter school so Milwaukee urban students (grades 6-11) could experience academic learning that transforms lives and empowers a community. Following the philosophy of two great theorists (John Dewey and Colonel West), PSGL used SBC programming to provide urban learners with a pragmatic education that promotes social justice and social reconstruction. To get a visual of our unique learning platform, click here.

2004-2009: Message for Empowerment Grows

SBC-PSGL’s developer embraced visitors from across the Midwest and from as far away as Japan. There were people interested in the school’s design (the SBC Program) and the transforming impact it had on urban learners. The developer began to take on speaking engagements where she talked about the process and method for student empowerment as well as the work of organizational development and social entrepreneurship.

2004-2009: Social Constructs Impacting Achievement and Empowerment - Revealed

As SBC Programming existed in an independent public charter school, social, political, and economic realities were revealed.  Social constructs about power, leadership and schooling identified a need for reform that extends beyond instruction.

2007: Formation of PBS Development, LLC.

PBS Development, LLC. was formed to provide legal protection for SBC Programming, formally separating the work of SBC Programming from the work of PSGL. This distinction expanded the platform for school reform.

2009: SBC Separates from PSGL

SBC-PSGL’s founder acknowledged the limitations of its structure.  The format of PSGL did not allow for the full potential of SBC Programming; therefore, a decision was made to dissolve the contract and direct energies toward community partnerships that are conducive for school reform and social change.

2010-2011: SBC Extends Beyond PSGL

SBC programs were shared in another charter school program causing a decrease in police activity, an increase in academic performance, and an improvement in operational activities as related to staff management, board governance, and facilities usage.

2011: PBS Development, LLC Activated as a Consulting Firm

PBS Development LLC (PBS) was fully activated as the vehicle for school reform, organizational development, and social change. Through consulting and operational services, the complex work of student empowerment (directly and indirectly) will be fulfilled.